Item Portrayal By using abilities of our handy labor force, we are producing an extensive collection of Cantilever Arms.

Cantilever arms are utilized to deal with any sort of item. These arms are solid in plan. Hot plunged awakened steel cantilever arms with 14 mm thickness openings give a quick and basic technique for supporting compacting substances on external obstructions. These arms are accessible in straight length and webbed rendition is accessible in a scope of lengths. The swagger measurements are 41 mm x 41 mm x 2.5 mm.

Salient Features:

  • Less price barrier mounting selection.
  • Extant in straight lengths and webbed versions.
  • Strut dimensions are 41 mm x 41 mm x 2.5 mm.
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Cantilever arms are a structural fitting that is made from a raw steel material that, when anchored to a wall or surface, provide support to objects and infrastructure. Offered array of Cantilever arms are ideal for supporting HVAC units or cable tray.

Our company manufactures these Cantilever arms which has a rigid structural device anchored to a wall or surface that supports overhanging structures without external bracing. These arms are mostly used within the construction industry, each arm is used to support one end of a central support section.

Highly qualified and experienced engineers of our company made these arms which has very strong and durable features that are perfect requirement to ensure a professional and high-quality construction project.

Offered range of Cantilever Arm is directly secured to the substrate by means of the slots in the base plate, which are at ninety degree to each other. Shreeji engineering offers standard lengths which is from 200 to 1000 mm, which means that they do not need to be cut to size. It saves time and money also. The galvanized zinc design of our manufactured array of Cantilever Arms are suitable for installations in buildings and the hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel designs are suitable for installations outside and in highly corrosive environments.