Metal, Concrete, and Ceramic Tile Bonding with LORD® 320/322 Epoxy Adhesive in Solar Applications

LORD® 320/322 adhesive is a general purpose, two-component epoxy adhesive system that can be used in solar applications to bond metal base plates to concrete, concrete block to concrete, as well as metal base plates to ceramic tiles.



  1. Place metal base plate to be bonded on concrete roof or tile, and mark the area where the plate will be attached (see Figure 1).
  2. Grind the metal surface (GI, SS or AL) to be bonded using a grinder (see Figure 2). Clean application area with dry rag wipe or solvent
  3. If upper concrete layer is loose, remove loose concrete by chipping and then grind area to bond with base concrete layer (see Figure 3). This will provide stronger
  4. If bonding to shiny ceramic or other tiles, buff area using 80- grit emery Remove loose particles by solvent (IPA, MEK or toluene) or dry rag wipe.
  5. Using a weighing balance, dispense components at a ratio of 1.2:1, LORD 320 resin to LORD 322 If dispensing components by volume, mix ratio is 1:1, resin to hardener.
  6. Thoroughly mix components using a plastic or metal scrapper until uniform in color and consistency (see Figure 5).

Note: Handheld cartridges will automatically dispense the correct volumetric ratio of each component.


  1. Apply adhesive uniformly to one substrate, either metal plate or concrete/tile, using a plastic or metal scrapper (see Figure 6).

Note: Apply a little more adhesive on the corners of the plate to seal the area properly.

  1. Mate parts within working time of the adhesive [20-40 minutes @ 75ºF (24ºC)]. Working time is the time within which application on substrates should be

Note: Every 10° rise in temperature will reduce the working time in half [i.e., 10-20 minutes @ 93ºF (34ºC)]. Bonding after the working time is not possible as mixed adhesive has already begun to cure.

  1. Apply only enough pressure to ensure good wetting of the adhesive on both

Squeeze out of excess adhesive will seal corners of the plate, providing stronger bonds.

  1. After application of adhesive, bonded parts should be remain undisturbed until handling strength is reached. Handling strength of LORD 320/322 adhesive develops within 2-4 hours at ambient temperature [86-95°F (30-35°C)].

Handling strength is the strength at which the bonded assembly can be handled without disturbing its bond. For normal applications, 50-100 psi is considered as handling strength.

  1. If necessary, apply some weight on bonded parts.
  2. Full cure is achieved in 24 hours at room
  3. During the rainy season, bonded parts should be covered with plastic or tarpaulin to protect from water under full cure is achieved (24 hours).
  4. Solar panels can be installed 24 hours after adhesive.

Useful Video Link:

The video link listed can be found on the Parker LORD YouTube channel.